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"The racist sees what he wants to see and nhtoing more."True, particularly with those leftists/progressives/commies on the Racism Gravy Train. They create this idealized vision of what's possible and stick the rest of us with the bill... even though our observations, selective or otherwise, tell us it won't work. And it's not working. Are you going to blame the failure of black students on a lack of money or white racism? At this point Cinderella's like you run the entire education system. So why the failure? There are two or three predominately black schools in this country who have done well (and count on a movie being made about it). However, in each case that I'm aware of the principle/Principle who made it happen was a heavy handed authoritarian who eventually is destroyed by the Liberal hierarchy that controls such things... and the school returns to the norm... which is fail.Blaming racism on everything is a nice trick, but to date it's not made one bit of difference in turning anything around. I have to ask you Boris, what's your end game? Being an old guy I've made some observations in life that I'm applying here. A General blaming our inability to win in Vietnam because he needs more troops is a clever ploy. There's a limit to the troops he can have but by constantly asking for more (which he knows are unavailable) gets him off the hook for his failures. That's the beauty of calling everything racist. All failure is the result of it. Liberals and the entire anti-racist cluster fuck control black schools and have for many years. And even though these black kids are a total educational failure in anyone's book the Liberal Gravy Train plays the racism reason for that failure. How can racism be a problem when the anti-racism gravy train controls these schools? Racism is simply a word that's used to conjure up the fears of white people so they'll keep the Progressive gravy train running. Racism = Misdirection.


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Good thoughts here, Deb, as alawys. It's a fine line in the evolving world of online PR to respond publicly or take comments off line. I have encountered more and more corporate clients disabling blogs, for instance, because they fear the rogue person who decides to post negative comments whether they relate to that company or not.My view is that if you open the door, be prepared to walk through it yourself. If you make bold statements, be open to input from others. That's how conversation works.Interesting fine lines that I'm sure keep the PR and legal profession up at night.

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